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The Naviance email feature is one that the counselors will be relying on to get important information to students and parents. Please help us help you – Register for Naviance today, if you haven’t already done so or need help with Naviance, email Mr. DeVoe at

All students and their parents have access to Naviance. Current cummulative GPA’s are posted on your profile page, and are updated after each semester’s grades are final – in February and July.

In Naviance, at the bottom of the HOME page, check out the DOCUMENT LIBRARY. It contains copies of the powerpoint presentations and booklets from the parent meetings. It’s a great resource if you missed the meeting, or lost your copy of the booklet.

Juniors and Seniors who are College Bound Athletes…if you don’t have a copy of RBC’s “Guide to College Bound Student Athletes,” go to athletics and pick up important information on the college search and decision process when athletics are in the mix. Juniors, Naviance Family Connection can help you in the search process. You have access to college information based on RBC’s classes of 2009 -2013. Do a COLLEGE SEARCH with multiple criteria including size, location, majors, extracurricular activities, and selectivity. Try COMPARE COLLEGES,for a comparison of up to 10 schools, or COLLEGE MATCH to generate a list of schools which most closely match your GPA and SAT’s.It’s a great way to find safe schools, as well.

You can register online for SAT’s or ACT’s at or